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Gain Financial Freedom with the Broker Breakers Expert Advisor Software.


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All of our results are fully audited, verified and tracked by myfxbook

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After a couple of adjustments each week you can sit back and watch the profits fly in.

Trading Course On Offer

We have teamed up with RPL Trading to offer you their advanced trading course for a small one off fee. Available in the shop 

Trading with Experts

Keep up to date with the professionals and their trading strategies.

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Automated Results

An example of our automated software at work, making money overnight and giving you a place to keep track.

Mobile Profits

The automation carries on while you are on the move, check progress and profits on the go using your mobile device.

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About us at Broker Breakers

With over 10 years  of collective market experience resulting in our trading firm since 2018, we've come to understand only one thing: change is inevitable. The last decade of technological advancements attest to this fact. However, even though the markets have grown seemingly unpredictable, we have proven they are still tradeable. While no one strategy is perfect, our software constantly evolves and adjusts to the market changes - giving our users better options and smarter advantages to manage their trading portfolio. 

We are not financial advisors - we are simply a software company for the modern-day trader. One who knows how to value his time and money, while confidently benefiting from the many opportunities the forex market gives.  

The banks and brokers are breaking in big profits. Don't you think you should give yourself that break as well?

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